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    Chronos.Net Profiler is able to profile multi-tier.NET and Mono applications running on Windows, Linux, Mac,.NET Compact Framework 2.0, and Mono implementations (Mono 1.2, 2.0). This may be performed on x86, x64, ARM, and PPC. Linux and Windows apps can also be profiled for use in Mono Xamarin applications.


    This sample shows how to use

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  2. It has a very nice and bright animation, with the clock set to 24 hours, and with two nice animated clocks leading the colors.
    It will display the time in top-right corner of the screen, displaying there a glass with 15 minutes that, when it fills, changes in a shining laser, and another glass with five minutes and a line of pink stars that fills it as they get higher.
    When you finish the five minutes, another glass reappears and it fills with a second

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  3. However, you should know that this tool can’t merge most of the document folders. If you are going to use this application, make sure to uncheck the “Convert to a single document” and “Convert to a document with an empty folder” options. Finally, the tool doesn’t require you to have much tech expertise. All you have to do is simply click and that’s it, so users who are new to the app and its environment may find this tool helpful.

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  4. It is also worth mentioning that debugging is not disabled after running the application, so it is possible to save the configuration with the settings and parameters you want.
    The interface also contains a customized shortcut menu that you can select various options from while browsing through the tabs. The features related to the tabs include: debugger reference information, active break point, breakpoint history, split simulation, breakpoint configuration, shortcuts, remote debug environment.
    Every tab should be pretty self-explanatory, but

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  5. You may ask for help through Google Groups software.

    This is a list of browsers, web browsers and mail clients that currently support HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 documents. It contains a total of 23 browser and 16 mail clients. Most of them also do not implement support for expressions, though we try to list all sites.

    The majority of browsers from the above list support basic features but some of them (especially those from old operating systems) support more features like expressions

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  6. Before you start filming, just open the files and take advantage of the plenty of customization options available to you and start editing your videos faster.
    Another thing worth mentioning is that DashWare is as intuitive to use as it is easy to install as a whole. The primary purpose behind this is that it is a utility for the X series of products, so you can be sure to have a support team available if you ever experience any issues.

    BORICON: a static impact simulator

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  7. .
    ■ You may experience some print issues if you use other DVD/CD label makers like Nero.
    ■ You can only add an image in the upper left or right corner of a cover.
    ■ You cannot add layers or make text exceeding the area.
    ■ You cannot resize text or add multiple images into an image file.
    ■ Images placed in a PDF document cannot be placed in the DVD/CD label maker’s graphical user interface

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  8. eWon provides a unique image optimization solution to users and webmasters. This software tool is capable of discerning between spam and relevant images and then automatically removes unwanted images while retaining only the relevant ones. This results in a higher conversion rate for search engine optimization purposes. The ultimate goal being to improve one’s webpage ranking.
    Initial release of eWon was in 2016 after the acquisition of the popular anti-spam application Since then, e

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  9. A preview window must be available at the bottom of the
    calculator. Some changes are only available within the calculator.
    ■ JavaScript
    ■ A Web server
    ■ The JArbitrary Function Library
    (JavaScript Native Interface).
    W3Schools Java JCave





    Reverse the colors of the pixels in a bitmap image

    Example: BG_Pro_

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  10. Must-have plugins from the Native Instruments product line 2016

    Free Access to the larger development program
    The software program where most of the NI artists reside is called Kontakt. It contains a very powerful library of samples that is designed to help you create the sounds that you want. I will not go into details and explain what exactly you can do with Kontakt, since there are plenty of tutorial out there and more information is easily available. In this tutorial we are

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  11. You will need a device that includes a web browser installed and running (for example, a computer with Internet Explorer or Firefox installed and running) to participate in this giveaway.

    Advanced Browser is a web browser built on the Internet Explorer engine that intends to deliver a fast navigation experience to users, while focusing on stability. It can be seamlessly handled by individuals who are already accustomed to Internet Explorer.
    The app’s interface is represented by a regular window, similar to the one of IE. Two

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  12. What do we offer?
    When you install My Endpoint Protector on your computers, you can enroll any USB drive, memory card, tape, CD or DVD, or other devices as new-in-box:

    Network security feature to examine and potentially block unsafe connections
    On the mobile device screen, you can see the security status or a device offline message that informs you that the device has been removed from the secured network, so please recycle the device

    The secure

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  13. What’s more, just like the original IECookiesView, EdgeCookieView is entirely free and open-source. And since it’s as easy to use as it is useful, we’d recommend that you download it before diving in and trying it on your very own PC.

    I am going to show you a tricky way to select all blocks of text and to copy them to a file named “TextFile.txt” without effecting the formatting of the code. This is

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  14. *Note: * The first version of ProtTest contained an implementation of the Nearest-Neighbor-Interchange (NNI) algorithm. This algorithm proved to be too slow and inaccurate compared to the Minimum Evolution algorithm (ME), the latter was modified and made the default.

    A fundamental assumption was made regarding the evolutionary pattern of the sequences being analyzed: The rates of evolution among sequences are assumed to follow an equal branch rate model. In this model, the ratio of 05e1106874 miquoly

  15. It’s time for all those that have a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account or even an email list to look into the various new ways that Google Analytics can utilize your data in a more useful and productive way. Generating reports from data comes with many potential benefits but all that is worth it for an Internet giant. The advantages of cloud-based tools has led to many alternatives in the industry and many tools that can be used to maximize your time. However, no
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  16. I’ve added form1 as a help file for the main application. I have provided many of the fields in the form in only #include “my-textbox.h” and #include “my-menu.h” and #include “my-label.h”. I really like this technique because it allows you to see the code at a much greater level of abilitty. In my particular case, I do most of my coding with the VB.NET syntax.
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  17. How to set up Vidyard: recording screen video for free
    To set up Vidyard on Chrome, you will need to download the Vidyard extension from this link. Importantly, when authorizing Vidyard to access your Google account, you are also granting it permission to access to any Google account already being used within your browser, be it a test account or a personal one.
    Applying for permission is easy. Open your Chrome address bar, then go to chrome://settings/content and
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  18. Nevertheless, every user can enjoy this program that offers simple ways to write down text as efficiently and freely as possible.Q:

    How to use both AngularJS and KnockoutJS in a Silverlight / WP7.1 page

    I have an app in Silverlight/WP7.1 using AngularJS which would ideally, once deployed to the phone, also support users who have installed our silverlight app. I’d like to use KnockoutJS in the silverlight app
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  19. and make your network analysis easier.

    Last updated on: 2014-05-17


    Unsniff Network Analyzer is available under the GNU GPL

    The first version of Unsniff was originally hosted at for the time period of 2008-2013. When SourceForge closed their services, the first version was moved to GitHub. Unsniff’s adoption rate on this platform was excellent and the project was awarded the 2010 LGPT Award for
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  20. A license key is necessary to enter the analysis function of the trial version. You will get it with your SPM evaluation edition by contacting support. This includes the license key for 40 permutations and a download link for a working license key.
    In the next screenshot, the surface texture parameters on a chosen area of the µM35 surface are shown.
    The graph uses the color scheme of MeasurementConfigurator. The gradient of colors shows a variance along the surface depth.
    The tool
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  21. With the support of Dropbox for Lightroom being so reliable and easy to use, more users will surely start to trust it.


    Both Windows and Mac OS X have no option for Windows Firewall. Windows Firewall allows anyone to have more control over their computer setting. Lets you control access to your network and give you access to turn off ports that you don’t even utilize. Windows Firewall is a very good security source.

    Visit us at the H
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  22. the recent completion of this

    statute. Additionally, the superior court’s March 27, 2013 order

    authorizing the national director of the INS to release FHS to the

    petitioner was an alternative and final remedy if, as the court

    found, the INS had not followed its regulations by denying the

    request. As to whether the remedy provided was final, we agree

    with the
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  23. Aldi, in the UK, has introduced a niscient XLSX editor that makes not only passwords amenable to typing, but also edits formulas. The XLS file has beed uploaded to GitHub, so it means that you will be able to expand the calculations and functions, which the developer promises to be a PITA end all to cracking. Not that it will protect you from a copying hacker, as anyone just needs to download the app and extract the function, save
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  24. The file locking tool has a simple interface and offers you a very high degree of protection.
    The program is free of charge. It can be used with both Windows and Linux based operating systems (in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions).
    Do note that the free version of the program provides a limited functionality. If you want additional features, you can upgrade to the Pro version by paying for it.
    There is no 64-bit version of the program, and it is
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  25. It’s probably the only program of its kind out there to offer such a feature at a no-cost, so if your have never used it, it’s definitely worth giving it a try!
    It’s available for both Windows OS and MAC OS X, so the program should be easy to find with all your computer device, but you should note that it only allows you to create rectangle shapes for now.

    Almacia VirtualBox SDK is set of binaries to develop cross-platform (
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  26. If you have issues with the program or need a more interactive approach, MS PowerPoint Backup File Auto Save Software is unlikely to be the solution that you are looking for.Creating a “more beautiful” world with bamboo

    May 13, 2013 | By Lauren Elsey, The Oregonian


    Though native to Asia, bamboo is making its way into Portland and the suburban environs of the city. The ubiquitous, soft, fibrous grass is gaining popularity as a sustainable
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  27. In its minimalist design, this utility offers all you need to get started, without any excess features.

    PinX allows you to describe, classify or even add your own category to your images on your mobile device.
    Fully compatible with all Android and iOS devices
    Just take a look at the great reviews and downloads, it is quite obvious that PinX is the best app to simplify the process of categorizing your precious images.
    Write short and to the point descriptions, grouped thematically
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  28. One annoying delay was the sometimes-occurred double-freeze of program.
    – Supports a good number of formats and codecs.
    – Precision settings during the conversion.
    – Combination of video processing and conversion of audio files.
    – Nice GUI.
    – Composition of audio and video streams.
    – High system memory requirements.
    – Response time.

    – The lack of options to minimize the app in the tray.
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  29. And the images you get from this program cover a wide spectrum of colors from the past models.

    Avant also comes with a rich selection of fonts, which is good enough to improve the font and color combination of your computer screen. Moreover, the graphics package of Lamborghini Aventador Windows 7 Theme makes the application easy to change and perfect for adjusting the graphics settings.

    Lamborghini Aventador Windows 7 Theme is a very great-looking application, in which the
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  30. It can display the details of all connections made, all the IP addresses associated with those connections, and what service and protocol those IP addresses are associated with. It can also display the name of each process that is associated with those IP addresses.
    Network Interfaces and IP adresses can also be displayed in text.
    … Read more


    Surf & Surf MegaPop Urdu Toolkit
    Surf & Surf MegaPop Urdu
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  31. Norman Grubb

    Norman Grubb (26 October 1944 in Bexley, Kent, England) is an English painter based in Wimpole, Cambridgeshire.

    He was married to Sally Evans for many years, and has two daughters, Essie, who is a writer and producer, and Katy, who is a photographer. Norman now lives in Cambridgeshire with his partner, Polly, and her two dogs Morrie and Yazie
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  32. • Help and Training Center Fully guides you in every step of your conversion.
    • Unlimited number of conversion to any MP3s supported formats.
    • One-click converting to MP3, WMA or WAV files.

    Categories:-Convert files to MP3, WMA, MP2, AC3/DTS etc.
    Virus Scan:The program scanned with VB100(the free anti-virus software) and have been clean
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  33. SimpleSpell lets you directly associate two words, by embedding a definition into your project. The dictionary includes a visual display of words, making it easy to associate…

    The word line automatically adjusts to match the text running across it. It even returns up to date references if the dictionary is updated.

    In Goto line etc. mode, you can move between words with the mouse and optionally spell it out.

    The spell checker can be run on editor files,
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  34. — Sydney Thamm
    find more information at

    Budget Magic: Grisel, Rogue Emperor A modern map that emphasizes close combat and combat magic over land and resource management. This edition adds a selection of new cards, focuses on mana fixing, and explores some new territory in the card effects terrain.

    This is the first draft of our Budget
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  35. Create _your_ dvd case icons in 10% of the time? That’s just ridiculous. I could never get my icons to look good no matter what I do.



    This is a small, self-contained Python program that creates fontconfig- and
    X-Windows-themed graphical output from two lists of font family names and
    weights. It is much faster than traditional fontconfig if you aren’t trying
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    a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

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